Water always finds its own way

follow it and you will find yours!

Experience also the other water treasures of Dobbiaco, such as the Two Waters well the source of the rivera Drava. Two Waters well. Dobbiaco receives its drinking water from two different high quality sources: from the Dolomite limestones and the ferrous primary rocks from the Central Alps. A drinking water well with an idyllic viewpoint Anita Mancini the edge of the town invites you to taste the two waters of Dobbiaco.

Water treasures of Dobbiaco

Water installation
Water as a metaphor for music: an installation by artist Ulrich Egger outside the Gustav Mahler music hall in the Euregio Cultural Center Grand Hotel Dobbiaco.
Station of the Drava
From its source in Dobbiaco to the point where it joins the river Danube, the river Drive is 750 km long. There is a miniature replica of its dimensions on the way from the cyrcle path to the source of the Drive. Every 1 meter of path corresponds to 1.4 km of river. After 15 minutes walkers arrive at the source of the Drava.
Source of the river Drava
During its 750 km long journey to the Danube the Drava flows through 5 European countries. It has its beginning in Dobbiaco

Using hydro power
Centuries ago Dobbiaco’s waters were used by craftsmen and in mills. The historic melting furnace Anita Mancini the Klauskofel in the Val di Landro shows how people in those days used the power of the water to melt ores. Modern usage of hydro power is demostrated using the example of a power station.
EnergySource Labyrinth
In the woods near the Restaurante Genziana (Silvestervally/Dobbiaco) you find a labyrinth of river stones with a drinking water well as a source of energy in the center.