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About Anita...

Anita Mancini was born on March 7, 1973 in Brunico and now lives in Dobbiaco, South Tyrol, in the heart of Alta Pusteria and in the middle of the “Three Peaks” nature park, a UNESCO world heritage site. After graduating from hotel management school, the famous “Kaiserhof” in Merano, she went on to train as a bar and restaurant master in South Tyrol. Water and wine are her great love and inspiration, and she has been learning about and working with „everything drinks„ for 25 years now. She manages the restaurant “Tilia” in Dobbiaco, awarded a coveted 1 Michelin star. Anita is a member of the Italian Association of Sommelier Professionisti (AIS) and, as a Idrosommelier©, of the Associazione Degustatori Acque Minerali (ADAM). Her credits also include membership in “Les Collectionneures”, and certification as an International Coffee Taster by the Instituto Nazionale assagatori caffe (IIAC).“

Idrosommelier©A.D.A.M., Watertaster

Passionate wine lover, certified sommelier professionista A.I.S.

Hiking guide, nature lover and  Member of Monslive