My personal biography

that made me a wine lover

When I was a child my grandfather took me with him into his vineyards. It was a special feeling … the sun, the weather, the plants, the condition of the soil….everything was subject to a cycles of the year. The respect for nature, the joy when the harvest was good and being together with friends to celebrate the new good drop, all this shaped my heart. And thus I began to learn more and more about wine.

My grandfather passed away for many years ago but he gave to me  the „Joy Of Wine“.  And i passing it on.So, from time to time, I visit wineries  and taste noble wines and table wines and I bring this „feeling“ home with me, to the  Restaurant Tilia in Dobbiaco, South Tirol – Italy, in the heard of the World Heritage Dolomites.
That’s where i spoil our guests, together with my partner, Chef extraordinaire, Chris Oberhammer.
After water, wine is the drink that has accompanied us the longest in the history of mankind…..we’ll give them both the respect they need and we’ll get back to good things -You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy wine, it’s enough to be open to the taste and palate.Wine is not just wine…
Experience together with me the different wine-growing regions and their wines…
I was born in the northernmost region of Italy, South Tyrol. A very interesting wine-growing region with different soil and climate characteristics. I live away from the actual wine-growing area in the middle of the world natural heritage of the Dolomites.Yet my love for wine has never ceased, as has my love for nature and the mountains.